Building Services Magazine

“Photometrics the Key to best Lighting Design”

We are Delighted to have been published in this months Issue of Building Services Magazine for one of Last year’s Projects ( St Mary’s Church ) which we completed along side Al Reid Electrical, where we Partnered up with them to come up with the best solution possible to enhance the buildings architectural designs rather than take away from the Designs. The solution in hand was a customized one where we had to think of one that incorporated modern day lighting solutions but also did not overshadow the buildings Architecture. 

Photometrics where also used to determine what optics to use through testing various types and visually seeing the impact that they have on the buildings on site. As well as giving us an insight on how the lights from the town and sea impact the Buildings. The lighting used in the final solution is from Griven lighting who provided high quality lighting with RGBW Technologies. This final Lighting solution is controlled by a DMX Management System which can be accessed through a computer, Ipad or Smartphone. This Solution has won numerous accolades which we are extremely proud of here at Enlighten part of Our Fantasy Lights Group.