An ENLIGHTENing Agreement


We are proud and happy to announce that, after a long cooperation, an exclusive distribution agreement has finally been signed with Enlighten, a Fantasy Light Group company, represented by its Managing Director, Mr Gabriel Byrne. Mr Byrne boasts over 30 years in the electrical industry field, where he has pioneered the use of cutting-edge lighting technologies for all types of lighting applications. Mr Byrne is also chairman of the Lighting Association Ireland, an independent, non-profit organization established in March 2014 to represent the collective views, regulatory requirements and commercial interests of all member companies and professionals engaged in all aspects of the lighting industry in Ireland.
Providing professional LED and architectural lighting solutions across a diverse range of commercial, industrial, retail and civic applications, the company Enlighten regards each project as a unique, stand-alone challenge requiring its own dedicated solution, which blends, harmonizes and is in sympathy with the ultimate objective of the project.
Enlighten’s multidisciplinary approach ensures the best engineering-led solutions – incorporating innovative design, friendly service and total quality management throughout all phases of every project. Moreover, they rely upon own in-house design engineers who work closely with the project architect, consulting engineer and contractor to ensure that the benefits and features of the proposed solution are fully understood and implemented by the entire team.
We are confident that the development of this exclusive partnership will further consolidate our long-term business cooperation giving us both the opportunity to produce industry leading solutions with the help of the latest LED lighting products.

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