led lighting dublin

Created by Enlighten, a Fantasy Lights Group company providing professional LED and architectural lighting solutions across a diverse range of commercial, industrial, retail and civic applications in Ireland, the dedicated lighting design is based upon a large number of GRIVEN’s DUNE MK2 in warm white light configuration with wide optics.  The fixtures have been embedded in the pavement all around the building according to a preselected scheme, which allows the uplighters to throw a well defined beam of warm light against the walls of the former jail, creating a pleasant alternation of light and shadow.

The unit can be customized with a wide choice of lenses to suit additional requirements of alternative beam creations, always preserving the highest luminous efficacy. DUNE W MK2 is available in both cold and warm colour temperature white light versions to meet any design specification. Featuring an IP67 weather protection rating and a 2000 kg deadweight load capacity, DUNE W MK2 is suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicled areas.