commercial led lighting project

Historic Monument

Yeonggwang Bridge, South Korea

The Target

The Yeonggwang Bridge connects Baeksu-Eup and Hongnong-Eup to Yeonggwang-gun in the Jeollanam-Do region in South Korea.

Started in 2008, the construction of this cable-stayed bridge was completed in 2016 after 8 years of hard work.

The new connection offers now a two-lane 16.9m wide road for a total length of 2.2 km of marine and onshore bridge.

With a distance of 320m between its two main towers, the marine bridge reaches a length of 590m.

Stretching from the top of the two pagoda-shaped pylons, a net of parallel cables runs directly from both sides of the towers to the deck forming a fan-like pattern, a typical feature of cable-stayed bridges.

Completed in March 2018, the landscape lighting of Yeonggwang bridge is concentrated on the central part of the cable-stayed bridge, mainly illuminating its two majestic pylons and their cables.

In order to enhance the whole length of towers and cables, long-throw lighting fixtures were required to reach a satisfying luminance level up to the top of the high structure.

Therefore, 28 units of Powershine MK2 D RGBW  with spot optics were fixed in couples on sturdy metal supports located at the base of the towers in order to light them up till the top with an even light output.

20 units of the single bank version, Powershine MK2 S RGBW, also with spot optics, were installed along the cable fixing points on the borders of the bridge to enlighten the metal ropes in their full length.

To complete the lighting scheme, 8 units of Powershine MK2 S in RGBW colour configuration with medium optics and 8 units with wide optics were installed at the lower base of the two pylons to light up their basement at 360°.


The chosen colour configuration uses white, yellow, and green in spring, “a fairy tale of natural sunshine” alternated with “a cool wave in blue and green” in summer, a “happiness of magenta and purple” in winter, and “whispers of love during the holiday season.

POWERSHINE MK2 D uses a total of 192 powerful RGBW LEDs and is available with a vast choice of optics for the maximum lighting design flexibility.

Owing to its double cluster configuration, which offers full independent control of each LED bank, this wall washer allows absolute freedom to create matching or divergent effects on formerly prohibitive large-scale facades and remote spots