Gobo Services Lighting

Gobo Services LogoWhat exactly is behind a gobo or a dynamic effect? One of Goboservice’s strengths is a team of graphic designers who take care to carefully transform every single idea into a brilliant project. In an operating sector with high technological and standardized content, such as that of image processing, the human component is the factor which makes the difference.

An immense amount of experience gained over time, subjective intuition, critical evaluation of solutions and attention to details are the “tools of the trade” that help individual operators to achieve the results customers expect. And it’s also the rigorous quality control that makes Goboservice a brand appreciated in the national market and abroad.

Cristina Delmare is the veteran of the group of five graphic designers called upon to elaborate an average of six hundred gobos a month with different priorities according to urgency, target markets, the complexity of the image to be generated, and also the context in which the architectural projection will be shown, be it a black and white gobo for a shopping centre, or a full colour image for an artistic composition.


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